There are specific requirements for the warranty of the synthetic turf system that should be  mandatory to provide all clients.  On top of the turf requirements which should be standard  in the industry, Deluxe Athletics provides a warranty on the base work and the installation  for  a  period  of  8‐years, regardless  of the  manufacturer, which  no  other  company  in the industry matches as they typically subcontract the site work and or installation out to the lowest bidder.  The Deluxe Athletics warranty is backed by a third party. 

The Deluxe Grading and Deluxe Surfacing entities were developed to allow the company the ability to handle every aspect of field construction projects from start to finish under one roof.
Deluxe Athletics is licensed as a General Contractor in several states, and is also recognized by the Synthetic Turf Council and American Sports Builders Association as having certified
system builders on staff. These recognitions are due to company stability, knowledge, and experience, and are crucial to our clients’ peace of mind that they will receive an excellent end
result on all projects, no matter what size and scope they may entail.

  • Base Warranty – 8 Full Years  Deluxe Athletics unlike most companies, who only warranty their base  work for one year, 
    sees the field as a partnership throughout the life of  the field.  We guarantee our site work the same amount of time as the  synthetic turf and it is backed by a third party for the duration.

  • Installation Warranty – 8 Full Years  Deluxe Athletics has includes our warranty information for the  installation procedure. 
     It is also covered under the synthetic turf system  warranty as well.

  • Synthetic Turf Warranty – 8 Full Years  Deluxe Athletics includes the warranty information on the systems  presented to each 
    client and reviews all language to assure it meets the  specifications for the project.   Only products with proper third party
      coverage will be presented for consideration. 


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