Deluxe Athletics has decades of high level athletic facility construction experience from municipalities through professional organizations. One of the major advantages that Deluxe Athletics provides its clients is a full service company that can handle all phases of a project with in-house personnel. We work with the client from planning and design through execution and construction.

Deluxe Surfacing was created as an extension of Deluxe Athletics to provide the highest level of non-turf sports surfacing to our clients. We will only focus on solid information and proven systems for the proper choice that will fit the client’s performance and budgetary needs. The design and construction of track and field facilities has developed into an integral part of our overall customer service model. We are very knowledgeable of, and understand, all applicable guidelines and tolerances required for proper track and field construction. Deluxe Surfacing has the experience necessary to guarantee our clients high quality track and field facilities.

Coupled with our experienced personnel, Deluxe Surfacing utilizes state of the art construction equipment and laser machine control systems to be able to provide any type of surface under the most demanding requirements. While many vendors utilize subcontractors, Deluxe Surfacing has the capability to build all phases of a track including mass earthwork, drainage, concrete construction, and asphalt paving, as well as the finished surfacing and lining – all with in-house personnel.

Deluxe Surfacing has taken the time to develop strong relationships with the premier track surfacing vendors in the industry to be able to provide our clients any style of system. From latex through paved and full pour urethane systems, Deluxe Surfacing has you covered.

Track Services  
• Planning and Budgeting
• Concrete
• Earthwork
• Utilities
• Drainage
• Stone and Asphalt

• Landscaping
• Track and Event Equipment
• Track Surface
• Track Lining
• Athletic Netting
• Fencing
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