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Deluxe Athletics’ success has been built on developing relationships with their clientele based on being a trusted advisor first and foremost. As a contractor, Deluxe Athletics is not motivated nor incentivized to suggest one particular turf product for every client. The team at Deluxe Athletics has developed a thorough understanding of the synthetic turf systems available on the market, the benefits and disadvantages associated with each and as such, can assist their clients in making the decision that nets their particular facility the greatest value.

Synthetic Turf

As a Distributor and Installation Partner of the global leader in synthetic turf manufacturing, Deluxe Athletics has the capability to supply essentially any specification an end user may want. Deluxe Athletics also offers an array of products manufactured to their specifications which have been proven on multi-purpose fields for more than a decade. While the “latest and greatest” in turf and infill design technology is available through Deluxe Athletics, the products that have stood the test of time will always be an option.

Track Surfaces

Deluxe Athletics offers multiple track surfacing options including urethane, latex and polyresin based applications with multiple options within each category. With in-house civil capabilities Deluxe Athletics provides clients a turn-key experience from excavation and grading to asphalt paving and finished surfacing. Our experienced staff is available to assist the end-user in determining the best application for their particular needs and developing the project from initial concept through finished installation.