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Deluxe Athletics has partnered with Fieldturf to install premium quality synthetic surfaces. FieldTurf, a Tarkett company, is the organization that invented and perfected long-pile, infilled artificial turf. FieldTurf was developed and engineered for athletes, by athletes to change the view of “artificial turf”. Before FieldTurf, natural grass was considered by many to be the best solution for sports fields around the world – even though it required constant maintenance and could not withstand heavy use. FieldTurf’s inventors were not trying to create a better artificial solution, they were trying to replicate natural grass. Throughout the last decade their engineered, infilled artificial turf systems became the first to host two Super Bowls, the World Series, the World Baseball Classic, a Major League Soccer Cup final and College Bowl games from coast to coast. Today, FieldTurf continues to thrive as the global market leader in synthetic sports fields with more than 10,000 fields installed globally. Their warranty, from top to bottom, has been tested and proven and continues to be the industry standard.


With advanced installation techniques that are specific to FieldTurf products, Deluxe Athletics has properly trained its staff to assure all quality standards are met for any type of surface. The operations and support departments at FieldTurf are second to none. Every field that Deluxe Athletics installs is completed with specific plans and documents accounting for every aspect of the project. During the process, quality control measures take place from manufacturing through onsite inspections. Material samples of the turf and infill are always collected, and infill depth measurements and gmax testing is performed upon completion to assure that the final product has been installed to proper standards. All clients that receive a field from FieldTurf will be properly trained in all maintenance and care procedures. Choosing a FieldTurf system installed by Deluxe Athletics, the client will always rest assured they are receiving a high end system installed by professionals.


Past the standard FieldTurf products, Deluxe Atheltics also has its own line of systems produced by their high end plant. To ensure quality at the highest level, FieldTurf has invested heavily in modernizing its plants with the latest fiber manufacturing, coating and tufting technologies. The plant is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified for leadership in quality, environment and safety management systems. The Calhoun, GA facility represents one of the only artificial turf manufacturing operations in North America to have received these ISO certifications. If the FieldTurf manufacturing plant is observed in relation to other organizations’ manufacturing set ups, there will be an obvious difference from top to bottom that will allow any client to see a major difference in technology and efficiency. No matter what system is desired, all products provided by FieldTurf are strenuously tested and backed by a third party warranty that is well above industry standards.