No matter what product the client selects, if it is not installed properly with skilled technicians, the system can have on going issues that can compromise their investment. TNT Installations was formed as an arm of Deluxe Athletics to provide the necessary quality installation and aftercare that the client deserves.

In adjunct to projects with Deluxe Athletics, we work with some of the most reputable organizations and manufacturers in the industry to make sure that their systems are not only installed properly, but on time and on budget. All of our project managers have a minimum of five years of field experience, as well as backgrounds installing many different types of synthetic turf.

Since the late 90's, working on installations with an extensive line of manufacturers and organizations, all possible techniques and systems have been utilized and evaluated. All methods for gluing, sewing, and inlaying have been practiced and studied by your field installation technician.

When our installers arrive on site, our clients can rest assure that they will be in good hands. Executing only proven and time tested techniques with the highest quality materials available; all TNT Installation personnel have been strictly trained for installation guidelines that exceed the industry standards.