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Playgrounds & Rec Areas

Whether it is a residential or public playground, courtyard area, or dedicated recreation area, the amount of kids that create traffic on natural grass make it impossible for any maintenance staff to properly maintain the surface. The options remain for either a natural area with many dirt patches, and, if wet, mud and puddles, or costly, high–maintenance mulch and wood chips. With the installation of a "high" synthetic turf system any size area can be transformed in to a perfectly lush, safe,and clean surface that can be used year–round no matter what the weather conditions. If it rains overnight, the kids will still be able to play during the day as there will be no puddles, and especially, no mud.

Playground Areas

You can have a playground turf that is cushioned for a safer play area and provides a beautiful, manicured look despite the heavy foot traffic of active children. Here are a few of the many reasons to utilize an artificial grass turf:

  • Eliminates Bare Spots and Ruts
  • No Chemical Fertilizer Exposure
  • Better Cushioning Than Hard Dirt
  • Year Round Beauty
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
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