There are two main styles of fiber that can be incorporated into your synthetic turf system. Like the infill process, all have their inherent benefits and, depending on the client’s desires, draw backs. No matter which fiber is desired by the client on the Deluxe Athletics’ system, the weight of the material will never be less than 40 ounces per square yard, with certain products available being manufactured up to and over 50 ounces per square yard. Anything less, without a proper infill mixture, can jeopardize the life of your field as fields with lower infill ratios require more fiber in the system to properly handle the daily wear and tear our clients demand.

The Deluxe Athletics’ systems incorporate only fibers manufactured and tested with the highest standards. Providing our clients with the best materials and experience possible is the goal of Deluxe Athletics in every step of the construction process. We only work with preferred manufacturers that are world market leaders in synthetic turf fibers and components. The products must be strenuously researched, tested, and developed for specific use and
heavy traffic under all conditions. Deluxe Athletics monitors the performance of all individual fields for many years after the installation, and our observations are used as a basis for further developments in quality and performance.


The primary backing system of any turf product is an invisible but important function. The dimensions of a synthetic turf should not change (fold, shrink or deform) under the influence of environmental and man-made circumstances which can lead to the distortion of lines and ruin your field. A layered backing is an integral part of our systems, and will never
have a weight of less than seven ounces per square yard unless the requirements call for a specific backing to infill ratio.
The primary backing system will be coated with a minimum of 20 ounces of urethane per square yard, with systems
having a possible weight up to approximately 26 ounces.


For information on the different styles of infill, please click here view our section on safety.


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